Step four – design for conversions

The first step towards obtaining new clients is understanding your marketplace, and more importantly, what your competitors are doing. Again, we build campaigns to attack your competition. We NEED to take a piece of the “client pie” away from each one of your competitors. However, there’s a fourth step. What good is it if we can rank your ads higher, or get better positions with TV and radio, if your website and ads are not designed with the intent to CONVERT? Step four is using our artistic creativity to design beautiful ads and websites that captivate your potential clients and thus, bring in new business  

building your site – we make sticky sites

A sticky site means that visitors who find you STICK and STAY on your site. The longer someone “window shops” on your website, the better chance you have at landing a conversion. That’s what makes Big Bang so different than other marketing agencies. We CARE about your ROI. Our site designers work to make sure that your site not only looks aesthetically beautiful, but more importantly, that it LANDS you LEADS that convert to paying clients, patients, and customers. 

stop wasting your time & money – get quality leads today

Don’t let SEO companies and marketing agencies take advantage of you. Stop wasting your time. Your marketing budget is supposed to bring you MORE money than you put into it. At Big Bang, we understand that. That’s why we keep all of our work in-house, offer a non-compete clause, and attack your competitors. Our job is to DRIVE you the QUALITY leads you’ve been looking for. Give us a call today and get your PHONES ringing. Schedule a free demo now.

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