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Rocket Leads Platform

Need leads for your law firm or medical practice now? Are you tired of wasting money on the empty promises of SEO companies? Try our Rocket Leads Platform. We are so confident that you will obtain quality leads that convert and increase your ROI, that if you’re not satisfied within the first 90 days we will provide a full refund. We put our money where our mouth is.

Time is Money

Stop wasting your time with SEO and Digital Marketing Companies that promise but cannot deliver. You are not paying to rank for random keywords, you are investing in your business to make a profit. That requires new clients. We can help provide that. Our technology allows us to go above and beyond what other agencies can do.


Big Bang Marketing has been assisting law firms, medical practices, and local business owners with their lead generation needs for over a decade. We firmly believe we are one of the best marketing agencies in the United States, not because of our own opinions, but based upon our client reviews and our awards. Clutch, 10 Best SEO,, and countless other National SEO & SEM Review Boards have recognized us as one of the best in our field. Check out our newest awards and accomplishments below. We’ve won BACK to BACK to BACK to back Clutch awards. Yes, that’s right. Big Bang has won another Top SEO Company Clutch Award. That makes it FOUR years in a row. We know a thing or two about law firm marketing. If you’re an attorney, and you are serious about growing your practice and increasing your firm’s ROI, than you need to give us a call today. Come find out how we’ve been able to help law firms, just like yours, year after year.

The Knowledge Your Business Needs

Turn Your Marketing Into a Money Making Machine

There are lots of online marketing agencies who claim to help law firms and medical practices with their ads. However, very few are able to provide real results. Our ad campaigns deliver constant quality leads, and month after month we provide an ROI for our clients. Call us to schedule a free lead generation consultation today with one of our certified Google Ad specialists. Schedule a free campaign review today.

Certified Google Partner Firm

At Big Bang, we’re all about transparency. Being a Google Partner Firm doesn’t mean we have some special “inside track” with Google. But it does mean we’ve performed very well with ad campaigns, achieved Google milestones, and most of all kept clients happy and flush with new business. Turn to a TRUSTED partner for your lead generation needs. Click here for the Google Partner Directory. Or, call us now to learn more about our lead generation campaigns.


We’ve won the Top Rated SEOblog Agency Award. That’s because we love developing amazing quality content for our clients.  Day after day we strive to publish articles that help provide valuable information about our client’s businesses. In addition, our articles help our clients engage with their customers. Check out our recent guest article on and learn more about our agency.

We Design So Your Site Converts Leads… That’s How Your Business Grows and Makes a Profit

It’s not enough to rank well on an organic level, or even for your paid ads to sit on top. Once a potential client lands on your site they will make a decision to call or to quit in less than 5 seconds. Google refers to this as “bounce ratio”. At Big Bang we design web sites and mobile apps that CONVERT site visitors into paying clients.

Perfect 5 Star Reviews Across the Board

From Google to Clutch to Top 10 SEO Rating Agencies, Big Bang has managed to maintain perfect 5 star reviews for nearly a decade. That’s because we go the extra mile for our clients. If YOU don’t make money, WE don’t make money. Period. That’s why we have no contracts, offer a money back guarantee, and each client receives a non-compete agreement. That’s right… Our job is to ATTACK your competition. Check out some of our reviews below.

“Great law firm marketing company. Been with them for a little over 4 years now. We’ve tried other agencies, never received any leads. Big Bang has helped us obtain quality cases. For us, that makes the difference. We don’t want to pay for marketing unless it can generate business for our firm.”

D. Rubin 

“Our law firm is located in Chicago. We’ve tried lots of different marketing firms over the years. Some have been okay, most have been a waste of time. We needed to get new cases, and we were tired of spending money but not actually getting an increase in calls or client inquires. We went with this agency and it’s been a game changer for us. Calls come in, we get new client cases, it’s what we were looking for.”

J. Nisivaco 

“I’ve used nearly ever marketing agency out there for my law firm. None of them have come close to the service level of Big Bang. I get leads, they handle all of my content, answer any question I have, and are truly dedicated to the success of my law firm. They care more about my firm, the cases I get, and the profitability of my practice then they do about the money I pay them for their services. If you’re looking for a law firm marketing company who actually puts you first, Big Bang is the way to go.”

S. Whitworth 

A Trusted Law Firm & Medical Marketing Agency

Lot’s of marketing companies claim to have happy clients. We don’t have to. Just check out our reviews and read what real lawyers and medical professionals, just like you, have to say about our services. Talk is cheap. Results are all that matter.

best law firm marketing company

Grow Your Legal Practice With Law Firm Marketing Campaigns That Work… It’s TIME to Get PAID From Your Marketing Investment

Big Bang is a premier lead generation agency. Our team of paid search specialists, digital marketing experts, and traditional advertising executives work hand in hand, all in-house, to provide our clients with the most productive and effective lead campaigns. For over 12 years we’ve driven our law firm clients millions of dollars in revenue. Find out what we can do for you and your law firm today. Check out some of our work below. We can DRIVE your the clients that your law firm needs. We UNDERSTAND law firm marketing.

We Understand What it Takes to Get Your Law Firm New Clients Monthly

We attend and sponsor the same conferences you go to. Through continuing education, we learn more about the ever-changing challenges and needs for attorneys. This allows us to obtain the actual results that matter, getting your phone to ring with paying clients every month. This is the reason why so many law firms have turned to us for their marketing. From SEO and Paid Ads, to managing your Legal Directories and your Social Presence, we do all of it in house.


Dentists, Doctors, and Medical Professionals have much more important tasks to focus on than worrying about their monthly marketing. Big Bang knows how to build your brand, deliver new patients, and most of all integrate with your practice software. We have the tools and technology to transform your medial practice.

Medical Marketing Made Easy – Brand Your Practice & Attract New Patients

Dentists and Doctors do not have time to waste chasing SEO companies for results. Most marketing campaigns are not yielding any type of return on investment. Our certified ad professionals and programmers work hand in hand to develop a custom campaign built to deliver the results. From managing your medical marketing profiles to driving you phone calls through ad search, we do it all. We believe so much in our ability to provide real patient calls, that we stand behind our work. If you don’t get paid, we don’t either. Call today to speak to an Account Analyst about achieving new patient phone calls each month.

Google’s Mobile First Indexing – Programming & Coding that Generates Leads

Everyone has known for the last few years that you had to have a mobile-friendly website. However, what most people do not know is that Google was still utilizing your desktop programming for indexing purposes. This all changed in 2019. On March 28th, 2019 Google changed its Search Console interface, as well as adapted Mobile First Indexing. We program for this, as well as “talk to search” content coding.

Our programmers develop site architecture that allows your business to rank above your competitors, so you yield phone calls.

Leads & New Clients Increase Your ROI… Not Phantom Keyword Placements That no One Ever Searches For…

Other marketing agencies focus on phantom placements, or overstated keyword reports. We don’t. That’s because we know that what matters most is getting new clients every month. So, we perform extensive research to figure out how your potential clients are searching for your services.

Programming & Coding Gurus – We Make it Happen

From amazing designs to converting your Google AdWords spend, we know how to take your business to the next level.

We have the brain power and the credentials you can depend on. From Yoast to Google, and everything in between, we keep up on all of the new techniques and tools. This allows us to strategize and game-plan, to create the best possible marketing campaign for your businesses needs.

Site Functionality on all Platforms

Whether your clients search for you on mobile by speaking to their phones, or if they perform a traditional desktop inquiry, your site will rank at the top of the results.

The best way to generate new clients is to go directly after your competitors. If you can continuously outrank and outbid your competition, you will drive customers to your page. We do this for you, regardless of the platform your client utilizes.


Achieve Your Business Goals

We take you and your business to the finish line… in FIRST PLACE

With Big Bang Marketing you will get to the finish line first. In order to be the best, you need to work with the best. Call us today and speak with an Account Analyst about what we can do to customize a campaign that will yield you new clients every month, guaranteed. 

Ready to Grow Your Law Firm or Medical Practice? Call Big Bang TODAY

All of our work is done in-house. Right here in our Los Angeles location or our Texas locations. As certified Google AdWords Specialists, we love Paid Search. We’re also big fans of organic programming, social, and video marketing. Check out what we can provide your business. Schedule a free consultation to talk to an account analyst in one of our offices today. Time is money, let us help streamline your practice and grow your business. 

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